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How to efficiently research a tax sale list!
Fly On The Wall Training
Fly On The Wall Training
Only $67!
A Narrated View of  The Research Process
From the Trainer . . .
From: Casey Denman
Where: Florida

A couple of years ago I was emailed and was asked for private coaching.  While joining The Academy is the most cost efficient route to learn, I routinely provide one-on-one coaching for those who that I want to work with.

But this specific request was different. He simply wanted to watch me as I researched properties for my company. 

He wanted to learn how I efficiently work my way through a Tax Sale List and how we're able to research more than 10,000 properties every year.

He wanted to learn how I scan the list, how I look for comparable properties and exactly how I decipher what that lists says.

So, for a few hours he stared at my shared computer screen as I researched properties.  The majority of the time he was silent, while I spent just about every second narrating each thought that came into my head.

A couple of weeks later he sent me another email thanking me for allowing him to be a "Fly On The Wall."  He learned how to efficiently work his way through countless tax sale lists.

The end result is that he was able to research many more properties, and ultimately make more money.
In The Academy we have a saying that I strongly believe in . . . Research = Results. There is not a more important aspect of this business then knowing what you're buying.

If you learn how to accurately and efficiently research properties and apply that research correctly, you will undoubtedly see success.

In this Fly On The Wall Training, I recreated that coaching call for you.  That gentleman paid me an hourly consulting fee to be a Fly on The Wall.  But since I know how much value this brought him and will bring you, I've decided to reduce the price by 95% in this special offer.

This is a 3 Hour Plus training video, that's completely "raw" unedited screen sharing with each thought narrated to provide you with a first person look into the mind of a 17+ year career veteran's tax sale research process.

Now, before you move forward it's important that you understand this is not an all inclusive, "everything you need to know to be successful in this business" training video.  There are many aspects to tax sale research that we train you on in The Academy. 

The Fly On The Wall Training, however, will teach you how to efficiently work your way through a lengthy list to allow you to find more properties and ultimately make more money.


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For Only $67
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